Payroll FAQ

(Updated Aug 2014)
Paydays are every Friday.
Pay Periods run Sunday-Saturday
Our current pay period is in blue.

Pay Period


Oct-26 to Nov-01
Nov-02 to Nov-08
Nov-09 to Nov-15
Nov-16 to Nov-22
Nov-23 to Nov-29
Nov-30 to Dec-06
Dec-07 to Dec-13

What do I get paid for?

1. You get paid every time a customer enters your private show, billed per minute at the price you set.
2. You also earn when members give you GOLD.

How do I determine my price per minute?

The price you set is up to you. The minimum amount you can charge is $.99/minute and the maximum is $4.99/minute. You should take several factors into consideration when choosing your price per minute. Typically new performers will charge a lesser amount when starting to increase their popularity and grow their customer base. If you are performing as a couple or group you would typically charge a greater amount. You can choose to change your price per minute once every 24 hours.

What is GOLD?

GOLD is a way for members to let you know they like your show. Members in your room will be able to give you GOLD while they are in your chat. Members will be able to enter an amount of GOLD they'd like to give you and you will see who sent you GOLD and how much they sent in your chat window! Each GOLD is equal to 1 unit of a member's local currency (e.g. 1 US Dollar for US members, 1 GBP for United Kingdom members, 1 Euro for European members, etc.). Your GOLD earnings are billed and paid at the same rate you earn currently. Each time you are sent GOLD, you will see "GOLD" and an amount on your earnings report. Please note, below the belt nudity is not allowed in guest/free chat. Violations can result in account termination.