Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cam job?
You model online while chatting and flirting with people from around the world via your webcam. You earn money for every minute you are in a private or group chat with customers.

What equipment do I need for this job?
You need a newer laptop, PC or Mac, webcam and a mic.

Can I use the webcam that is built into my Laptop?
Yes! AND most even have a mic built in.

Can I see or hear the person I'm chatting with?
Only if you choose to. Otherwise, they can only type messages to you.

Can I block rude or annoying customers?
Yes, Absolutely.

How much do your models make?
Our models typically make between $20 and $100 per hour. That is equivalent to $500-$2500 per week for just 25 hours of online time.

Will I make money right away?
Yes! You will start earning money almost immediately.

What determines how much I make?
A combination of your apperance, personality, video/audio quality, attitude, and willingness.

How do I know this isn't a scam?
We never ask for your credit card or payment of any kind. There is no obligation and no risky investment.

Do I need to look a certain way or be a certain age for this job?
We have models of all ages (18+), shapes and sizes. A main factor in building a solid portfolio of "regulars" is personality. Customers are seeking performers who have a lively, outgoing personality and are fun to interact with. Models must be at least 18.

Will my bank know what I do or will my check say anything about Flirty Jobs?

There will be no reference to Flirty Jobs on your method of payment. Payments will be made from a non-descriptive payroll company.

What schedule will I have to follow?
Your schedule is your responsibility. You work as little or as much as you want. The more you work the more you make.

Where can I work from?
Any private location with a high speed internet connection. This is a big perk!

Can other people appear with me during a webcam show?
Only approved models can work on cam. We hire solo, couples and groups. Everyone who is on your cam needs to be approved to work first.

Is my real identity and personal information kept private?
Your personal information and identification is kept strictly confidential and is only for internal record keeping.

Can anybody find out where I am physically located?
No. Unless you tell them. Your computer's I.P. address is never accessible.

Can I Block Certain States?
YES! You can block entire states, cities and countries.

Do I have to pay Flirty Jobs anything?
No. We never ask our performers for payment of any kind. We pay you!

How long does it take to get approved and start making money?
If you have all of the required equipment and you have submitted your application successfully, 24-48 hours.